Usage of Blood Pressure Profiler

Excel is widely used in homes and business worldwide. Therefore, the Excel program is already resident on many home personal computers and most business-networked platforms. With Blood Pressure Profiler, only an Excel file needs to be downloaded, requiring no new programs to be added and no changes to the operating system registry. The Excel file can easily be added, removed, or transferred from a PC. Also, the visual spreadsheet presentation is familiar and intuitive to users familiar with spreadsheets and workbooks, requiring little instruction. Just download the file from our web site and transfer blood pressure tracking files between work and home using a portable USB flash drive or a rewritable CD.

Due to the increasing use of portable blood pressure monitoring devices like Omron BP785, out-of-office home measurements is becoming more popular. Blood Pressure Profiler is one of several PC programs available today on the Internet for recording, evaluating, and formally tracking these measurements, an indication of the growth in interest in home blood pressure monitoring. Our Tracking Log will provide statistically-significant information to the physician on the range (high, low), median, and average blood pressure, and trends, based on several measurements, which used in conjunction with professionally-taken measurements will help the physician to determine the proper course of treatment.

Your personal evaluation of our software will help us to improve it. To get a free Activation Key to any of our versions, download the Free Trial copy and send us your brief evaluation by telling us what you liked and did not like about using it. In exchange we will send you an Activation Key for either the Standard version, Advanced Statistics Version, or Physicians/Family Version, your choice depending on your needs.

The Family Version and Physicians Version may be used by an unlimited number of users. If you would like your personal medical assessment and history kept confidential and not subject to confusion with another person’s measurement data, such as in the record keeping system of a clinic or physician’s office, then the Standard Version and Advanced Version will give you that security. The printed records for these versions can display only one person’s name.

To test for compatibility with spreadsheet programs other than Microsoft Excel*, download our Free Trial Version. If the Free Trial Version functions well and looks properly formatted, then our other software versions will also work well. All of our software versions are based on the same platform of calculation and conditional logic algorithms. Some less powerful spreadsheet programs may not be able to handle the logic and calculation functions built into our software. Also, spreadsheets other than Excel* may not display the formatting properly.