New GoPro Video Camera and Its Advantages

It all started a few months ago when I was purchasing for a new video camera for a new project. The research online lasted a few days and I did it fast because I started with a budget in mind since the beginning. Finally at the store which I consider the best one here in NYC, I was speaking to a salesgirl when another salesperson named Rick jumped right into our conversation. In a different setting I would have considered this awfully rude but right then I was actually grateful because Rick was giving me more details on the cameras than I was already asking. I knew he was the right guy to talk to and quickly covered the basics of the cameras he was showing me including kits, accessories, options, etc. I knew I would walk out of the store a satisfied customer. Having made my decision on which camera to purchase, I suddenly overheard someone shopping for an action camera and they started mentioning brands and prices. My attention totally deviated from my shopping experience because I had been looking into a brand they mentioned: the GoPro camera. I’m sure you have heard about it and if you own one you rock!

A few minutes away from getting insider’s information, I stood there in front of Rick when I decided to ask him for his opinion on the action cameras. He gave me a general idea of what to expect and mentioned the GoPro is in the top two. He also mentioned the GoPro was out of stock. The GoPro is great for digital recording when you are doing something fun or even if you are doing something serious such as digital transcription. You simply set it and forget it while you enjoy the action. You could be biking, snowboarding, flying a kite, kayaking, canoeing, kart racing, you name it! Its versatility is due to the different accessories you have available for mounting, wearing and protecting the camera itself.

When Rick saw my disappointed face he whispered: “wait a few weeks because they are coming out with a new one.” My expression changed and I had to ask him how did he know. Rick spilled the beans said certain brands released their new products at the beginning of the year but in the case of the GoPro its main competitor had released a new camera and they could not just stay behind. I made the decision to trust Rick and wait a few weeks. When I shared this information with a couple of friends, they said that was totally wrong since the GoPro had just released a camera too not too long ago. I decided to stick to my decision and dadaaa! The GoPro announced its new camera! It has been a few weeks now and most likely Im going for the GoPro Black Edition:

My Christmas gift list is growing by the day but I really want this camera!